About Us

You could say that the Veterinary Clinic La Campana was created the day that the Doctors Auxiliadora Urrutia and Fernando Sanz met each other. From that meeting two sparks were created:

One of them resulted in marriage and two children.

The other was the creation of a project dedicated to providing the best in animal healthcare and welfare, focusing on the prevention of illness and providing a caring relationship to our clients.


Dr. Auxiliadora Urrutia – A graduate in Veterinary Science from the University of Cordoba in 1998. She has worked in various Spanish veterinary clinics, her areas of expertise are internal feline medicine and endocrinology. To develop her knowledge she regularly attends different courses and conferences.

Dr. Fernando Sanz – A graduate in Veterinary Science from the University of Cordoba in 1996. In his earlier days he worked in different Veterinary clinics in Málaga and for “The Society for the Protection of Animals and Plants” in Málaga. He has completed advanced courses in Trauma, Dermatology, and Soft Tissue Surgery. He has a strong interest in continually developing his knowledge and for that reason, regularly attends events related to his work.

Raquel García Centeno - A Veterinary Assistant since 2009, she was trained by us and has worked in different areas of the animal world. Her principal objective is the service and care to our clients and their animals. She is our receptionist and provides assistance in the operating room - always with a smile.

Sandra Mc Dermid Happel - A canine and feline stylist for 10 years, she is known for her kindness and her particular fondness for Maltese Bichons, she is a specialist in their care.

Tosca - A Spanish Water Dog and the clinic’s resident friend since 2010. She is responsible for receiving you and your pets with a permanently wagging tail, bringing a playful and loving element to the environment.


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